NHSONational Health Security Office (Thailand)
NHSONew Haven Symphony Orchestra (New Haven, Connecticut)
NHSONew Hampshire Symphony Orchestra
NHSONational Headteacher Support Organisation (UK)
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Total inpatient payments using DRGs are capped, primary care spending is limited by the capitation mechanisms, and there is substantial use of central procurement of certain high-cost medicines by the NHSO and use of generic medicines by contractor providers.
This money goes directly to the NHSO, a highly technocratized and professional office that oversees the implementation of universal health care.
By 2006, approximately 40 percent of all health care funds were going to the NHSO.
The NHSO is a 10-week self-study program to help new employees in the digital sales group gain an initial orientation to Pearson products, processes, and people.
New employees in the sales department are assigned to NHSO during their first week on the job.
As a young boy, English began attending NHSO concerts with his mother and his brother, James.
English was still enjoying the NHSO, attending the Orchestra's May 2011 performance of Mahler's Symphony no.
org, from $20): Spanning centuries and musical styles, the NHSO plays everything from Bach to Billy Joel this season in venues around the state.