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NHSPNewborn Hearing Screening Programme (UK)
NHSPNew Hampshire State Police
NHSPNational Healthy Schools Programme (UK)
NHSPNational Health Strategic Plan (various locations)
NHSPNanjing Huade Spark Plug Co., Ltd. (est. 1996; China)
NHSPNational Health Support Project (World Bank)
NHSPNational Health Service Professionals (UK)
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To the best of our knowledge, this is the first SA study that has demonstrated a significant reduction in the age of diagnosis of CHL following implementation of an NHSP.
In the NHSP (1990-94), the respondent's health is measured in term of self- reported health (SRH) which is measured on ordinal scale having five categories as excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor.
This programme gives NHSP the opportunity to support families of deaf children when they need it the most.
The NHSP is a fantastic start but it is just a start.
NHSP was looking for solutions to help it drive improved efficiencies within its Service Center operation.
According to the NHSP, high blood pressure affects one in three adults over the age of 45 and approximately one in five of those over the age of 15, while 35 % adults over the age of 45 suffer from diabetes and heart diseases.
The NHSP affiliation becomes Ultimate's fifth ownership position in a publicly-held company.
4 million in NHSP funding for their innovative projects addressing the social isolation of seniors and providing opportunities for intergenerational learning between older Canadians and youth.
Based on the results of the midterm review of NHSP II in 2012 the focus now is on improving the quality of services.
The NHSP supports projects led or inspired by seniors who want to make a difference in the lives of others and in their communities.
As such the Service Providers shall be directly responsible for all checking, vetting and reference related activities at the agreed price, to the agreed timescales and to any special requirements demanded from time to time by NHSP Client Trusts.
Through the NHSP, the Government of Canada encourages seniors to share their knowledge, skills and experiences to the benefit of others.