NHTCNational Heat Transfer Conference
NHTCNew Haven Theater Company (New Haven, CT)
NHTCNorthern Hills Training Center (Spearfish, SD)
NHTCNew High Temperature Ceramic (glow plug; NGK Spark Plug Europe)
NHTCNational Hi-Tech Crime Unit (UK)
NHTCNuclear Hazards Training Course
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IUCD service providers: Nurses and midwives at DH and PHC levels were trained and certified by NHTC to provide the IUCD.
The purpose of the NHTC is to provide a forum to address the growing needs of New Hampshire's trust industry and to preserve the state's national leadership position in trust and trust banking legislation.
NHTC will operate as a nonprofit organization, and its membership will include independent trust companies in the state as well as other participants that are involved with trusts.
Our newly approved umbrella program for NHTC offers producers direct access to a rapidly growing, value- added market for their cattle in the E.
LaCore and Mark Woodburn, President of NHTC, purchased 1,295,337 shares of NHTC common stock in an open-market purchase for an aggregate purchase price of $50,000.
Woodburn said that NHTC is focusing on its two core products which are quality-of-life products that show effects in thirty minutes or less.
When asked, in a very competitive market, how he differentiates NHTC from other companies, Mr.
For the most recent nine month period, NHTC reported a net loss of $5,130,783 or $.
With the addition of Alex, Scott and Paul, it will allow us to execute on our global business model much faster as we have added such quality and talented individuals to our management team," said NHTC President, Mark Woodburn.
In many ways, NHTC is leading a revolution in the health and quality-of-life products industry in both the U.
On January 28, 2002, NHTC incorporated MyLexxus Europe AG, a corporation organized under the laws of Switzerland and a majority-owned subsidiary of NHTC ("Lexxus Europe").