NHTDNational HIV Testing Day
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NHTD includes approximately 400 events across the United States, spanning several days.
To evaluate whether NHTD campaigns have been successful at increasing the number of persons who know their HIV status, test-level data from the NHM&E data system were extracted and analyzed for the years 2011-2014.
When the number of new HIV infections diagnosed each day during the 2 weeks before and after NHTD was compared with new HIV infections diagnosed on June 27, the annual national testing event identified the largest number of new HIV infections compared with any of the other days (Figure 2).
During 2011-2014, there was a significant increase in total testing events as well as newly identified HIV-positive persons in June compared with other months, with a peak in new HIV diagnoses on NHTD.
Promoting NHTD is an effective strategy to increase HIV testing and thereby, the number of persons who are aware of their HIV status.
However, a peak in HIV testing and new HIV diagnosis was observed on NHTD compared with all other days.
As a public health strategy consistent with the National HIV/ AIDS Strategy, NHTD identifies a number of new HIV infections in populations disproportionately affected by HIV and might increase awareness of HIV status among HIV-infected persons.