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To help spread the word about life-saving vehicle technologies, NHTSA teamed up with self-described science and technology champion Adam Savage to test and explain the value of five safety technologies in a series of short videos.
The site linked to a Model S owner who wrote on a Tesla fan website that said he had suspension problems and had received an email from an NHTSA investigator.
In 2014, NHTSA issued an NPRM for improved rollover structural integrity that would also ensure window glazing does not pop out of its mounting and emergency exits do not open inadvertently during a rollover crash.
High humidity can cause the bags to rupture and the latest fatality occurred in a vehicle that had spent most of its service life "in the high absolute humidity region and had been under recall for many years," read an NHTSA alert.
Today's announcement sends a very clear message to the entire industry that manufacturers have responsibility for the complete and timely reporting of this critical safety information," said NHTSA head Mark Rosekind.
An Associated Press review of a NHTSA database found dozens of driver complaints about the problem, some as early as 2005.
The company says it's still working with NHTSA to resolve the issue, but the matter could wind up in court.
The proposal includes the same standardized data collection requirements established by NHTSA in 2006 for EDRs that are voluntarily installed by automakers (49 CFR Part 563) and mandates that automakers provide a commercially available tool for copying the data.
Among others, NHTSA estimated how many sales were directly attributable to the program.
Auto manufacturers are legally obligated to notify the NHTSA within five business days if they determine that a safety defect exists.
Realistically, it is difficult for NHTSA to enact a standard that the industry opposes, particularly in the deregulatory political environment that has existed since 1981.
In the original report, CR claimed that the infant carseats were tested in side-impact collisions at 38 mph, but the NHTSA claims that tested impact was closer to 70 mph, not 38 mph as CR claimed.