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NHTSANational Highway Traffic Safety Administration (US Department of Transportation)
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To counter the typical defense argument that a truck's compliance with federal safety standards shields the manufacturer from products liability, plaintiff lawyers should show that NHTSA sets FMVSSs as minimum, not maximum or optimal, performance standards; they do not mandate that trucks be equipped with the latest safety technology.
All eyes usually turn to NHTSA, but it regulates motor vehicle equipment, not individual driver behavior.
While NHTSA makes much of increased fatalities after states stop forcing adults to wear helmets, some of the additional deaths may be due to increased riding.
According to the NHTSA, if it deems the dealers must know about the recall sooner, it will intervene and manufacturers are required to comply with its directives.
AP said Toyota revealed last month that it was looking into reports of stalling complaints, although the company has not commented on the NHTSA investigation.
Contact: Tim Hurd, NHTSA, phone 202-366-9550, website http://www.
The NHTSA showed that in 2002, alcohol-related fatalities had risen steadily since 1999.
NHTSA should use a model of consumer preferences that is consistent with the available empirical evidence -- with respect to the valuation of safety, performance, and other vehicle attributes, as well as with respect to the discount rate consumers apply to fuel savings.
NHTSA officials who attended a 1999 Recall Effectiveness Forum sponsored by CPSC claimed the figure of 50%.
For more information, visit the NHTSA Web site (www.
For the latest rating, the NHTSA added 30 more cars.
NHTSA has decided in its prosecutorial discretion not to pursue an action for civil penalties against Ford for these failures in consideration of the small size of the maximum penalty, the fact that the incomplete responses were provided quite some time ago, and potential defenses," a NHTSA lawyer wrote.