NHVRNew Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation (New Hampshire Department of Education)
NHVRNew Hope Valley Railroad (North Carolina)
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Recognizing increased trends toward self-employment as a vocation, NHVR contracted with the Knowledge Institute for Small Business Development (KISBD) to develop two different programs for its customers.
One of the core strengths of the NHVR self-employment program is its capacity to engage other resource providers across the state that focus on supporting venture start-up and growth.
By facilitating connections with established small business assistance agencies across the state, the program leverages the specialized skills and knowledge of NHVR counselors without requiring them to become business development experts.
NHVR Chief Executive, Sal Petroccitto said, at this foundation stage of the review, the important thing was to be asking the right questions.
In publishing the Phase One report, the NTC and the NHVR are also inviting industry comment and contributions to the review.
We have applauded government efforts to remove red tape and call on government to move swiftly on early signs that the NHVR may in fact lead to increased paperwork and delays for some grain growers, Mr Linnegar said.
All other heavy vehicle permit applications should continue to be submitted to the NHVR.