NHXNa+/H+ Antiporter (biochemistry)
NHXNighthawks (gaming)
NHXNew Horizon Express (trade service)
NHXNew Hampshire Extended (programming)
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The Aiphone NHX Nurse Center, a staff alert and communication system, provides call tones and light signals to indicate levels of urgency, plus the convenience of voice communication.
Because of its simplicity of operation, NHX Nurse Center requires little staff training.
NHX and i2 plan to promote adoption of the universal product catalog through a unique channel partnership arrangement.
We are creating a common product language for a multifaceted industry that currently operates through multiple conduits," said David Hurley, CEO of NHX.
The NHX offering incorporates contract management, catalog management, a transaction clearinghouse and data reporting services, providing a comprehensive solution to increase operating efficiency and reduce costs for all health care supply chain participants.