NIAANational Institute of Animal Agriculture
NIAANational Indian Athletic Association
NIAANorthern Ireland Association of Aeromodellers
NIAANevada Interscholastic Athletics Association
NIAANational Industrial Advertisers Association
NIAANorthern Independent Athletic Association (Columbus, OH)
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Part I provides background information on NICS by exploring its statutory history--including the Gun Control Act, the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 (Brady Act), and the NIAA.
Other members of NIAA are meat producers, and their interest in the ID plan is harder to discern--until you understand their dependence on factory farming and exports.
Slock says that NIAA is a one-member one-vote organization.
Chou and her associates at the NIAA division of intramural clinical and biological research surveyed four drinking and driving behaviors: drinking while driving, driving after drinking, riding as a passenger in a car driven by a drinking driver, and riding as a passenger while drinking.
We estimated that nearly one-quarter of hospitalized individuals who identified themselves as current alcohol drinkers met standard diagnostic criteria for alcohol use disorders," explains NIAA researcher Barbara Smothers.
A good sized Saturday night crowd at Calgary's Crescent Heights senior high school gym was treated to some serious basketball as the NIAA annual showcase was hosted in Canada for the very first time.
We also have several other hurdles to cross such as performing sports physicals for NIAA, and obtaining the ability to sign for handicap placards/plates.
COUNTRYSIDE: The pro-NAIS rebuttal from NIAA, CEO, Glenn Stack is bunk, pure and simple.
The two men were on opposite sides when the first Canadian team competed in the NIAA tourney in 1974.
COUNTRYSIDE: Thing One: Thank you for printing the letter concerning the NAIS/NIAA/APHIS/USDA from Glen Slack, NIAA CEO.
Canadian fans not yet completely caught in the almost religious fervor that Americans bring to their national winter sport got a taste of "Indian Ball" when the NIAA made its first appearance ever north of the 49th parallel, and the fans were clearly impressed.