NIAANational Institute of Animal Agriculture
NIAANational Indian Athletic Association
NIAANorthern Ireland Association of Aeromodellers
NIAANevada Interscholastic Athletics Association
NIAANational Industrial Advertisers Association
NIAANorthern Independent Athletic Association (Columbus, OH)
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Slock says that NIAA is a one-member one-vote organization.
Camel, the Californians jumped out to a big lead in the early going and held on for their second straight NIAA championship with a 114-91 win.
A few months later, Fletcher, Homer and others met in Reno, Nevada and formed the NIAA.
The NIAA was enacted after the April 2007 shooting tragedy at Virginia Tech.
COUNTRYSIDE: The pro-NAIS rebuttal from NIAA, CEO, Glenn Stack is bunk, pure and simple.
This work was supported in part by NIAA grant F31-AA05571 to Brian Borsari.
Canadian fans not yet completely caught in the almost religious fervor that Americans bring to their national winter sport got a taste of "Indian Ball" when the NIAA made its first appearance ever north of the 49th parallel, and the fans were clearly impressed.
Beginning in 2002, the NIAA used 9/11 and subsequently the BSE scares to lobby the USDA for a nationwide, all-livestock registration and tracking system.
Hosting the NIAA championship is something Siksika has been lobbying for for a number of years, McMaster explained.
The NIAA and USDA claim two principal benefits of the NAIS: first, enhancing export markets for U.
Vice President Bank of America, who is also the National Chair for the NIAA says, a highlight of the event will be an awards gala honoring the NIAA 2005 "Corporations of Excellence" such as Target, UBS, Anheuser-Busch and Yum