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NIAAANational Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (National Institutes of Health)
NIAAANational Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association
NIAAANorthwestern Illinois Area Agency on Aging
NIAAANational Indigenous Arts Advocacy Association, Inc.
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NIAAA also disseminates research findings to general, professional, and academic audiences.
A study by NIAAA and five medical centers found the anti-smoking drug Chantix may help alcohol addiction, too, by reducing heavy drinkers' cravings.
NIAAA encourages all researchers who are interested in the effect of public policy on alcohol-related health outcomes to visit the APIS Web site and to consider applying for research support.
Not everyone within NIAAA is so sanguine about the possibility of a change in direction, however.
Copies of the booklet can be downloaded from the Rethinking Drinking Website or ordered from NIAAA by phone by calling (301) 443-3860.
Several attendees expressed great interest in pursuing collaborative projects with colleagues from the other field, and many were optimistic that the conference would ultimately result in cross-institute initiatives between the NIEHS and NIAAA.
Yet every major study of alcoholism carried out during Gordis' tenure at the NIAAA yielded the same sort of results.
In 1976 Newsweek reported that over 40 states had established task forces on women alcoholics in the previous two years and that the NIAAA had been ordered to give special consideration to women.
It was not previously known that alcohol dependence was influenced in such a dramatic way by early alcohol drinking," commented psychiatrist and NIAAA director Enoch Gordis at a press conference held in Washington, D.
The NIAAA estimates that more than one third of adult Americans have experience of alcoholism or alcohol abuse in their families.
Research shows," an NIAAA "Alcohol Alert" bulletin says, "that adverse consequences may occur at relatively low levels of consumption.
NIAAA funds $2 million national study of leading online alcohol prevention program