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NIACNational Iranian American Council (Washington, DC)
NIACNASA Institute for Advanced Concepts
NIACNational Infrastructure Advisory Council
NIACNonprofits' Insurance Alliance of California
NIACNational Infrastructure Advisory Committee
NIACNational Internet Advisory Committee
NIACNational Infertility Awareness Campaign
NIACNuclear Industry Assessment Committee
NIACNuclear Insurance Association of Canada (Ontario, Canada)
NIACNational Industry Advisory Committee
NIACNipmuc Indian Association of Connecticut
NIACNational Interagency Aviation Council (National Fire and Aviation Executive Board)
NIACNational Information & Analysis Center
NIACNaval Intelligence Automation Center
NIACNo I Am Chuck (blog)
NIACNavigation Interface and Autopilot Computer
NIACNon-International Armed Conflict
NIACNarita International Airport Corporation (Japan)
NIACNet Income Available for Common Stock (finance)
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Through programs such as NIAC, the directorate is demonstrating that early investment and partnership with scientists, engineers and citizen inventors from across the nation can provide technological dividends and help maintain America's leadership in the new global technology economy.
A few weeks later, NIAC had its first nonprofit member, Food First.
The NIAC said, 'Many Iranian Americans have family and friends in Iran and are in need of a financial channel to engage in authorised transactions.
Kimberly Elliott, a senior fellow at the Centre for Global Development and specialist on sanctions, told Al-Monitor that the authors of the NIAC study used the same basic approach she and co-authors Gary Hufbauer and Jeffrey Schott did in a seminal 1997 study.
8220;Thirty-four NIAC member companies have shared the assessment results obtained by the audit performed by Crane Nuclear Inc.
NIAC Phase 2 awards can be worth as much as USD 500,000 for two years, and allow proposers to further develop the most successful concepts from previously selected Phase 1 studies.
For instance, Israel itself argued that the armed conflict it fought with Hezbollah in Lebanese territory in 2006 was a NIAC.
The NIAC distributes press releases, many of which are attacks on the NCRI and PMOI.
Iran's mixed messages have been trouble," said David Elliott, assistant policy director at the National Iranian American Council, or NIAC.
NIAC resident manager V Devanathan said people buying motor and other insurance policies with the company would automatically be contributing five per cent of the premium they pay towards the ICRF fund.
NIAC is in talks with the finance ministry in an attempt to deal with its ballooning debt of 60 billion dinars.