NIACCNorth Iowa Area Community College (Mason City, IA, USA)
NIACCNorthern Ireland Association of Chefs and Cooks
NIACCNorthern Illinois Anime Culture Club
NIACCNorthern Ireland African Cultural Centre (UK)
NIACCNational Indian Arts and Crafts Corporation
NIACCNorthern Illinois Anime Club Cooperative (now Northern Illinois Anime Culture Club)
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NIACC has completed 17 studies comparing the educational outcomes of accelerated students in high school settings with educational outcomes in traditional on-campus classrooms.
Eighteen percent more students matriculate to NIACC due to our acceleration program.
Students will first earn their associate's degrees or complete equivalent coursework from NIACC.
We have never done anything like this before," said Karen Pierson, vice president for student services at NIACC.
Agriculture-related Web sites and e-commerce compete for market share of the farm economy, and as those businesses grow they need more workers, according to a NIACC planning document.
Bank of Hawaii Corporation and Subsidiaries 2004-2006 Plan (Unaudited) Table 13 (dollars in millions, except per share Year Ended amounts) 2003 2004 2006 Anticipated Financial Results Operating Income $229 $243 $301 Information Technology Systems Replacement Project 22 - - Provision for Loan and Lease Losses - - 26 Provision for Income Taxes 72 86 97 Net Income $135 $157 $178 Average Assets $9,378 $9,941 $10,763 Shareholders' Equity $793 $733 $733 Economic Performance: NIACC $21 $51 $92 RAROC 21% 23% 27% Performance Ratios: Diluted Earnings Per Share $2.