NIACTNIght ACTion (US government immediate action security classification)
NIACTNorthern Ireland Advisory Committee on Telecommunications
NIACTNavy Individual Augmentee Combat Training (Navy Combat Skills Training for individuals deploying with Army and Marine Corps)
NIACTNorthern Ireland Association of Christian Teachers
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According to Whetstone, the former senior enlisted adviser at NIACT, the site visits proved to be invaluable in getting the right information to Sailors and their families and easing the tension about what they could expect during their training.
In the beginning of the NIACT training process there were a lot of 'mess deck rumors' about what specifically was being trained at NIACT and what the training was like," he said.
In between the second and third visit to NIACT, Martin made a connection with Capt.
As the Sailors reported to NIACT, they were divided into two companies, Alpha and Bravo.
Drill sergeants urged their students to call on the knowledge they acquired at NIACT when they got to their IA destination.
It is estimated that between January 2006 and July 1, 2007, 6,869 Sailors are expected to have completed NIACT training.