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NIANNational Ice Age Network
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I'll find it,' replied the nian, waving his hand and turning on his heel.
Magikid Nian draws on ancient Chinese traditions and presents them in interactive games for kids.
It is called Lunar New Year, Spring Festival and Gua Nian in Chinese.
The colour red was thought to scare the Nian away and most traditions originally born from the legend are still practiced today.
Wang Geng Nian said that launching of FM-98 radio would further improve bilateral relations in the field of media.
Liang qian nian Zhong Xi li duizhao biao I A Sino-Western Calendar for Two Thousand Years 1-2000 A.
Live cooking stations will offer a celebratory twist on authentic Chinese dishes, each of which represents good wishes for the New Year, as well as beloved delicacies such as Nian gao and Fa gao, it added .
Tian Nian Health Management, LLC signed an 11-year, 9,212 s/f lease at 41-61 Kissena Blvd in Flushing, Queens;
Characters from Nickelodeon will perform a dance with the children, together with several cultural performances, including the Worcester Youth Nian Dance Group from the Youth Effect program.
Businessman Muhammad Abu Nian said the ministry had not concluded its study yet, denying at the same time the agriculture committee's statement that the ministry banned farmers from growing major crops.
30pm, Cardiff England) hina) nian (Canada) Switzerland) Marcela Gonzalez (Chile) Wednesday BBC Cardiff Singer of the World concert three - 7.
has released the first mass-production passenger car model under its original brand Li Nian S1.