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NIAR operates on a nonprofit budget and is the largest university aviation R&D institution in the U.
Our relationship with NIAR is an outstanding opportunity to promote efficient and successful composites engineering in the aviation industry and specifically within the significant aircraft manufacturing community in Wichita.
We are proud to partner with NIAR and provide a collaboration platform that can play an integral part in helping advance aviation design and the development of 3D web applications for the aviation industry.
The NVIDIA RealityServer platform at NIAR will run on NVIDIA GPUs that take advantage of NVIDIA's Cuda[TM] programming language to provide optimum performance.
We are proud of our role supporting research at such a prestigious institution as NIAR," said Sidney W.
NIAR closed its full service travel division and discontinued its attempt to open travel agencies with major retailers.
NIAR and MWT are presently seeking Montgomery Ward Co.
The purchase price involves the issuance of LRGI convertible preferred stock for substantially all of the outstanding common shares of NIAR based on a common stock price for NIAR of twenty-five cents ($.
The acceptance of the composite specifications and design values coming out of NIAR s National Center of the EASA for Advanced Materials Performance s (NCAMP) initiative means material suppliers can get their products to the market more effectively and will aid to shorten certification times for manufacturers.
The agreement calls for the acquisition and transfer of certain assets and employment contracts of UMEI by NIAR, including the employment contract with Melinda Saxe ("Melinda, First Lady of Magic").
NIAR) detailing the acquisition of NIAR in exchange for LRGI convertible preferred stock, subject to standard due diligence and approval by the shareholders of both companies.
It is anticipated that the building will be sited on the existing golf course east of the NIAR building and will have a dedicated public parking lot for visitors to the centers.