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NIASNordic Institute of Asian Studies
NIASNational Institute of Agrobiological Sciences (Japan)
NIASNorthern Ireland Ambulance Service
NIASNetherlands Institute for Advanced Studies
NIASNational Innovation Awareness Strategy (Australia)
NIASNorthern Ireland Archery Society
NIASNorthern Inland Academy of Sport (Australia)
NIASNon-Proprietary Image Analysis System
NIASNational Institute for Androidal Science
NIASNational Institute of Advanced Studies (India)
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While Nia P faces the laddish gauntlet of Jonathan Davies' final chat show in the rowdy company of a rugby-crazy pack including Nigel Owens, Rowland Phillips, Eleri SiOn and fellow guest Ray Gravell, Nia Roberts interviews three fascinating guests in the slightly more sober, but just as lively atmosphere of the Nia studio.
It was certainly a case of so Nia so far for WoS last week and for S4C perhaps a case of, Close Encounters of the Nia Kind?
SOUTH NIAS: Amos's House, Hilinawalo, South Nias Island
It is incredible to emerge suddenly from the jungle into the dense, urban space of a south Nias village with its long street lined with galleon-like facades.
We are turning to all of our colleagues, industry partners and public-at-large to ask for their support for The Quiksilver Foundation's Nias Fund for Disaster Relief," says Kathie Armstrong, Quiksilver Foundation Executive Director.
Significant market opportunities for NIA reagents, instruments and systems - used in medical laboratories, for diagnosis, monitoring and screening purposes - also exist in veterinary medicine, agriculture and environmental management.