NIATNet Income After Taxes
NIATNASA Integrated Action Team
NIATNational Institute of Aviation Technologies (Russia)
NIATNational Institute for Advanced Technology (University of Nevada)
NIATNational Institute of Accounting Technicians (Philippines)
NIATNaval Institute of Aeronautical Technology
NIATNational Institute of Advanced Technology
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Very strong financial performance, including NIAT, NPM, effective interest spread, and deposits rising every year over the past five years
Objectives: Increase deposits and loans by 12%/yr, and net operating revenues by 20%/yr, and NIAT by 15%/yr
Trigger-contingency: If operating costs rose beyond expectations, not only with respect to the recent acquisitions but also complying with existing (SOX) and new regulations, causing NIAT to lag projections by 15%, then additional steps to reduce noninterest expenses must be taken
NIAT OnSite classes feature classroom and hands-on training in high-tech vehicle repair.
The training available through the NIAT OnSite Program is not only thorough but specific, according to Hawaii NAPA AUTO PARTS store outside salesperson Steve Kiyonaga.
That is what makes NIAT OnSite Training such an attractive alternative, according to NAPA vice president of Training Mike Phillips.
NIAT OnSite Training Programs are requested and reserved by participating NAPA AUTO PARTS stores.
Participants receive several free NIAT self-study courses in addition, as well as a money-back guarantee on the NIAT OnSite Training.
The general characteristics of the NIAT study sample have been previously described in detail (Gamble et al.