NIATNet Income After Taxes
NIATNASA Integrated Action Team
NIATNational Institute of Aviation Technologies (Russia)
NIATNational Institute for Advanced Technology (University of Nevada)
NIATNational Institute of Accounting Technicians (Philippines)
NIATNaval Institute of Aeronautical Technology
NIATNational Institute of Advanced Technology
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A financial involvement on the part of NIAT (National Institute of Aviation Technologies) was never mooted.
As part of the NIAT study, a cross-sectional study of 1,650 of the original participants (Gamble et al.
Very strong financial performance, including NIAT, NPM, effective interest spread, and deposits rising every year over the past five years
Objectives: Increase deposits and loans by 12%/yr, and net operating revenues by 20%/yr, and NIAT by 15%/yr
1 billion in NIAT of which upstream constituted approximately 65% and downstream made of 30%.
The NIAT study works in collaboration with a larger multidisciplinary program by health, earth, and social scientists from Columbia University and Bangladesh (the Columbia University Superfund Basic Research Program), the National Institute of Preventive and Social Medicine, and Dhaka University.
The general characteristics of the NIAT study sample have been previously described in detail (Gamble et al.
The drop in our total bank debts by P2 billion for 2014 helped boost our NIAT (net income after tax)," Valencia added.