NIAURNorthern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation
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NIAUR sets guaranteed and overall standards, the majority of which apply to services provided by the Company (e.
The 2003 Order provides for NIAUR to levy a financial penalty (up to 10% of the licensee's revenue) for breach of a relevant condition.
The principles of price regulation employed in the licence conditions reflect the general duties of NIAUR and DETI under the relevant legislation.
T&D has commenced discussions with NIAUR on the price control which is due to apply from 1 April 2012 (RP5).
This performance is better than the target range of 70-90 minutes set by NIAUR for the period of the RP4 price control.
NIAUR has agreed to treat the storm as a severe weather event and to apply an exemption from guaranteed standards of performance relating to the restoration of supply.
T&D is working with DETI and NIAUR on a long-term strategy for the development of the electricity network to support the connection of additional renewable generation.
Consumer service There is a risk that the Company fails to meet consumer service expectations or fails to deliver the overall and guaranteed standards of service agreed with NIAUR which could result in damage to reputation and compensation payments to consumers.
The relationships with NIAUR and DETI are managed by senior management and the dedicated regulatory affairs team through frequent meetings, informed dialogue and formal correspondence.
agreement, NIAUR is required to make a referral to the Competition Commission
The Company is working with DETI and NIAUR on a long-term strategy for the