NIBGENational Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (Faisalabad, Pakistan)
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He said the Plant Genomics and Molecular Breeding Labs of NIBGE developed IR 3701, which has a very high ginning outturn (GOT) percentage (43-47 percent) and is substantially higher than the GOT (35-40 percent) of present cultivated varieties.
He termed NIBGE as an identity of Faisalabad at international level and said that it has played an instrumental role in reorganizing Pakistan's industrial sector on modern scientific lines.
Engineer Rizwan Ashraf appreciated the efforts of NIBGE in treatment of water effluent of local industrial units and said that Pakistan was facing acute shortage of water and doctored textile effluent could be safely used for irrigation purposes.
Afzal Ghauri head of the BioTechnology Division of NIBGE said that it was mandated to work in the fields of agriculture, industry, environment and health and has provided excellent and best quality work.
After discussing at length and keeping in view the data presented for candidate varieties 4 new non-BT varieties NN-3 of NIBGE Faisalabad, NIAB-112 and NIAB-Kiran of NIAB, Faisalabad, CIM-608 of Central Cotton Research Institute, Multan and GS-1 of M/s.
NIBGE is an internationally recognized Federal research body of Pakistan affiliated with ICGEB, Italy.
To apply modern and innovative techniques in agriculture, health, industry and environment NIBGE routinely offers training courses, conferences and symposia to support the study of most vibrant disciplines of science and technology.
PAEC is running four agriculture research centres namely, NIFA, Peshawar, NIAB, Faisalabad, NIBGE, Faisalabad and NIA, Tandojam.
Realizing its importance, the government established NIBGE at Faisalabad under the auspices of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission(PAEC) in 1987 which was formally inaugurated in 1994.
It may be noted that PAEC is running four agriculture research centers namely, NIFA, Peshawar, NIAB, Faisalabad, NIBGE, Faisalabad and NIA, Tandojam.
The scientist said that in collaboration with western scientists NIBGE was trying to form inexpensive medicine especially for the treatment of Hepatitis C.
ISLAMABAD, August 24, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Cotton alone contributes nearly 65% of the foreign exchange earnings of Pakistan and the two Bt cotton varieties (IR 3701 & IR 1524) developed by Pakistan Atomic Energy Commissions (PAEC) Biotech Centre, NIBGE hopefully will help in achieving cotton vision 2015 of government which aims to boost production, aiming 20 million bales by 2015.