NIBTSNorthern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service
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org VITAL THE Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service, based at the City Hospital, collects, tests and issues 62,000 donations each year DEMAND WITH almost 1,000 donation sessions held at 240 locations across the country, NIBTS needs to recruit around 9,000 new donors each year PROFILE ANYBODY wishing to be a blood donor should be aged between 16-65, fit and well and weigh more than 7st 12lbs
In recent years early summer has proved a difficult period for the NIBTS to maintain the supply of blood to our hospitals," he said.
The main function of the NIBTS is to ensure provision of adequate levels of safe and effective blood components derived from donors in Northern Ireland.
NIBTS spokesman Paul McElkerney said at certain times of year more blood is used.
Although the NIBTS will close for two days over the Christmas holidays, all the people who need blood in hospitals will be provided for.
After she was fully recovered, Margaret brought Stephen to the NIBTS headquarters to say thank you.
And the wee man from Strabane was presented with his 'Gimme Five' mug for his services to the NIBTS.
THE recent postal strike has had a detrimental affect on the number of donors attending NIBTS donor sessions.
Tyrone Tom made a striking advertisement for the Blood Transfusion Service as he posed for photographs wearing a red NIBTS T-shirt.