NIBTSNorthern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service
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A comparison of the excluded going-concern firms that had available basic financial ratio data with the sample going-concern firms revealed no significant statistical differences for LOS2, CFTL, CACL, NIBTS, LDTA, or SIZE (see Table 1 for definitions).
The NIBTS is managed by a Board of Directors which is made up of three non-executive directors, a Chair and an Interim Chief Executive.
In recent years early summer has proved a difficult period for the NIBTS to maintain the supply of blood to our hospitals," he said.
Although the NIBTS will close for two days over the Christmas holidays, all the people who need blood in hospitals will be provided for.
org VITAL THE Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service, based at the City Hospital, collects, tests and issues 62,000 donations each year DEMAND WITH almost 1,000 donation sessions held at 240 locations across the country, NIBTS needs to recruit around 9,000 new donors each year PROFILE ANYBODY wishing to be a blood donor should be aged between 16-65, fit and well and weigh more than 7st 12lbs
Paul McElkearney, donor recruitment manager with the NIBTS explained: "You get one of our special mugs if you persuade five or more people to become donors.
NIBTS spokesman Paul McElkerney said at certain times of year more blood is used.
He has appeared with Frank Mitchell on the posters that have been part of the NIBTS campaign for the last two years.
After Joe checked in with the nurse in the NIBTS, he discovered that you can't donate for five days after you finish a course of antibiotics.
The non-executive members of the NIBTS appointments attract an annual remuneration of Au1,789.
As well as the following sessions, the NIBTS headquarters at the City Hospital in Belfast is open from 9.
THE recent postal strike has had a detrimental affect on the number of donors attending NIBTS donor sessions.