NICARNational Institute for Computer Assisted Reporting (Investigative Reporters and Editors Inc.)
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There are papers that do send their staffers to programs like the NICAR conference in Boston but then offer little in the way of follow-up training when they return.
NICAR, for instance, is an initiative of IRE and Missouri's School of Journalism.
Several thousand journalists will participate in programs like those of the Knight Center at the University of Maryland, FACS, NICAR and IRE.
Belo 28 New York Times 20 Hearst 19 Dow Jones 18 Newhouse 17 Washington Post 13 Cox 12 Reuters 12 Media General 12 Bloomberg 10 NICAR "BOOT CAMPS" Participants, 1994-1999 Knight Ridder 57 Gannett 35 Associated Press 26 Newhouse 26 McClatchy 19 Landmark 15 Pulitzer 14 Cox 13 LEGI-SLATE 10 New York Times 10 Seattle Times 9 Cowles 9 Tribune 9 Times Mirror 9 Scripps Howard 7 Reuters 7 Media News 7
I'm very honored to be a part of the NICAR organization," stated Brossard.
NICAR members partner with a distinguished group of peers who are committed to advancing the interest of commercial real estate in such critical areas as legislation, professional development and technology.
NICAR is governed by a committed volunteer board of directors.
By comparison, the University of Missouri School of Journalism produced a two-page summary of reasons why IRE and NICAR should stay put at the school in Columbia.
He also said Maryland offers IRE better resources for NICAR, more opportunities for increasing membership diversity, and a better launching pad for Third World investigative projects.
Petersburg Times, and data wizard Drew Sullivan, formerly with NICAR, to supply data to the bureaus and do national stories.
The best sales vehicle for CAR in the newsroom is word of mouth, says Jennifer LaFleur, former NICAR training director and now database editor of the San Jose Mercury News.
Ray Robinson of the Atlantic City Press sees "tremendous interest" fueled by major awards won by computer-assisted projects and the work of organizations like NICAR that give reporters a forum for sharing techniques and stories.