NICARNational Institute for Computer Assisted Reporting (Investigative Reporters and Editors Inc.)
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org/desktop, by Duff Wilson of The Seattle Times, and the NICAR NetTour at www.
The NICAR sessions ride a veritable wave of new training opportunities available to newspaper journalists these days, just as their popularity reflects a changing attitude in the industry about professional development in general.
I'm very honored to be a part of the NICAR organization," stated Brossard.
More sophisticated techniques engendered by computer-assisted reporting lead to sharing of information and reporting experiences on the NICAR listserv, nicar-1 and at conferences in the United States and other countries.
By comparison, the University of Missouri School of Journalism produced a two-page summary of reasons why IRE and NICAR should stay put at the school in Columbia.
Petersburg Times, and data wizard Drew Sullivan, formerly with NICAR, to supply data to the bureaus and do national stories.
When NICAR training director Tom McGinty started there in 1999, he thought he couldn't teach most reporters much about Internet searches.
Purpose: NICAR provides data analysis and training in computer-assisted journalism, data negotiation techniques and guidance on freedom of information laws.
He is assistant system operator on CompuServe's Journalism Forum, where he leads a section sponsored by IRE and NICAR.
National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting: Based at the University of Missouri, NICAR focuses more narrowly on computer-assisted reporting than CARR-L but isn't as active.
6-11 NICAR Boot Camp, National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting and Investigative Reporters and Editors, Missouri School of Journalism, Columbia, Mo.
Gwen Carleton, a researcher at NICAR, did a study earlier this year on DMV records and public opinion.