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Noticing that the Councils of Nicea and Trent occurred during renaissances, I took a closer look and found the following: more than half the Church Councils held have occurred during renaissances, and they tend to be the major ones.
He was declared a heretic at the First Council of Nicea in 325, but such anti-trinitarian doctrines had a revival in the 16th and 17th century.
The bishops at Nicea adopted the principle that Father and Son are equal in their divinity.
But there were others after Paul, right through to Nicea.
Dalle sue remote origini siriane, che affondano nella cultura mediterranea pre-biblica, il culto rivolto ad una divinita femminile e seguito nella sua evoluzione giudeo-cristiana fino alla sua formalizzazione al Concilio di Nicea (9-16).
The one essay that does not take this position is Paul Rahe's discussion of the Peace of Nicea, 421 B.
The Nicene Creed, for example, was hammered out in the Turkish city of Nicea, now known as Isnik, and was basically a resolution imposed by Constantine the Great on the bitter theological factions originating in Alexandria, Egypt.
These are demonstrated not only in the "mini-empires" of Nicea, Epiros, and Trebizond, but in a portrait of Mistras, the hilltop fortress above Sparta, and its Platonist philosopher Gemistos Plethon.
of Chichester, England) explains the Christian doctrine of the Triune God, established at Nicea in 381 AD.
Namely in constitution 18 (Clerics to dissociate from shedding blood); see Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils: From Nicea I to Vatican II, ed.
51) Some seem to think the radical reconsideration is indeed warranted by the doctrinalization that distorted the original meaning, such as Michael Morrissey who commented that "Voegelin challenges Christian theology to break from its doxic conception of truth," (52) and to recognize that the traditional identification ofJesus with God was "a development authorized by some later, enthusiastic but flawed Church theologizing that overlooked the explicit and implicit nuances of Nicea and Chalcedon, not to mention the Gospel sources themselves.
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