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NICERNational Irish Centre for Energy Rating (Ireland)
NICERNational Information Centre for European Research (Technology Centre AS CR; Ministry of Education; Czech Republic)
NICERNational Institute for Christian Education Research (Canterbury, Kent, England, UK)
NICERNorthern Ireland Council for Educational Research (est. 1963; UK)
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I can't go and live in no nicer place, sir," replies Jo.
Yes, ma'am, I thank you; we could not have had a nicer day.
It's a great deal nicer than I thought; I thought it would be fearfully quiet; I was sure it would be awfully poky.
I think we ate about six each before we had done, and poor fruit as they were, I doubt if I ever thought anything nicer.
Then Onkel Heinrich will put me in a family in Berlin for the winter, and that will be much nicer for me.
laughed the boy, "you can be nicer than that to ME, you know--I'm not Ptitsin
I always think you could make this room much nicer, if you liked," she observed.
I can't imagine anything nicer than to sit out in the moonlight and listen to music-- only that sounds too like a schoolgirl
Celia confessed it was nicer to be "Lady" than "Mrs.
There isn't much use in their staying at the farm until they are put out, 'cause it's much nicer here.
And, to be honest with you, I've always considered girls nicer than boys.
It must be nicer where there are no trees and there is room for lots of people to live together.