NICMNonischemic Cardiomyopathy
NICMNational Institute for Case Management (Little Rock, Arkansas)
NICMNational Institute of Community Management
NICMNonionic Contrast Medium
NICMNetwork International Capacity Management (Sprint)
NICMNormalize, Index, Cache, Monitor (set of processes and development requirements for databases)
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Moreover, the data supporting the benefit of ICD in patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy (ICM) is much stronger than in patients with NICM and evidence of ischemia on cardiac catheterization will favor the use of ICD in selected high-risk populations.
The evidence regarding these approaches is stronger for ICM than for NICM.
Among patients with NICM there is now evidence that standard treatment of nonischemic cardiomyopathy reduces morbidity and mortality.
Similarly, another meta-analysis of ICDs for the prevention of mortality in patients with NICM suggested that ICD therapy might reduce all-cause mortality by 31% over medical therapy in patients with NICM.
Despite lack of definitive data, ICD implantation has been recommended recently by Medicare in patients with NICM > 9 months and a measured LVEF [less than or equal to] 30%.
In fulfilment of its enabling brief, Standard Operating Procedures for Clinical Trials (5) in complementary medicine were developed by NICM.
Working closely with government and industry, NICM continues to pursue a comprehensive program of bench to bedside research, with strong preclinical pharmacology laboratories, a Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) licensed herbal analysis facility, good clinical practice (GCP) compliant clinical trials, and research translation and health policy programs.
With a team of over 50 researchers, professional staff and higher research degree students, NICM is the most substantial complementary medicine research facility in Australia, Europe and North America and is entering an expansionary phase.
NICM enjoys strong support from the University of Western Sydney and from leaders in the industry.
NICM is capturing this unique opportunity to build close working relationships with many of China's leading pharmaceutical and herbal medicine companies, hospitals and universities.
The NICM Case Management Conference runs April 18-22 and is sponsored by the National Institute for Case Management, Inc.