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NICMOSNear Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer
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Soummer's team took Lafreniere's method a step further and used 466 images of reference stars taken from a library containing over 10 years of NICMOS observations assembled by Glenn Schneider of the University of Arizona.
In another study, NICMOS peered through the dusty disk of the spiral galaxy NGC 4013 to discover what appears to be a ring of newborn stars at the galaxy's core.
Using the new technique, he recovered the planet in NICMOS observations taken 10 years before the Keck/Gemini discovery.
Scientists should know by mid-April if NICMOS is back in action, and at about that time, they hope to produce the first useful images from the ACS.
Becklin of the University of California, Los Angeles and their colleagues embarked on a search using NICMOS to find planets or disks around young stars.
The scientifically interesting point is the important role NICMOS is playing.
Without repair or replacement, NICMOS is expected to last for only 1.
Very high precision measurements of the relative position between the dwarf and companion were obtained with NICMOS in August 2004.
Although this condensation pushed NICMOS slightly out of optimum optical alignment, the instrument remained well within the limit of focus.
This NICMOS Cooling System (NCS) package is a state-of- the-art cooling system expected to revive the spacecraft's infrared instrument, which has not worked since 1999.