NICNNeonatal Intensive Care Nursery (various organizations)
NICNNavy Item Control Number
NICNNebraska Infection Control Network
NICNNational Identification Control Number
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He said that arrested persons were being shown as members of a family in interior Sindh due to which the NICN of the whole family had to stand cancelled.
The following databases are included in HAYSTACK: FLIS, CAGE, AMDF, SB700-20, CRF, MIAPL, LIRSH, MRIL, P2300/10/30, D043/D043X, AEL, APL, P2002, NICN, and more.
The workers who were armed with placards of various inscriptions such as: 'No to divide and rule in the Nigerian University system' 'Don't turn Non-Teaching staff to second class citizens, we are free born Nigerians' 'No to an encroachment of Non-Teaching staff jobs in the universities, teachers should teach and research' SSNA, NASU, NAAT say no to no work, no pay is equal to no pay no work' and 'One year after NICN judgment, government yet to implement judgment', came from all the tertiary institutions across the South West states.