NICOCNational Intelligence Coordinating Committee (Republic of South Africa)
NICOCNational Iranian Central Oilfields Company (Tehran, Iran)
NICOCNursing Information Consortium of Orange County (California)
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South Gashu gas field, near Bandar Abbas said to have more than 5 TCF, is to be developed fully by NICOC to produce 800-1,000 MCF/d.
NICOC has made inroads here through the introduction of Project Teams, grouped according to the major intelligence priorities and made up of specialists from across the services--including Crime, DSO, Defence and Finance Intelligence--with access to the relevant information from all departments.
The primary objective is to identify any threat or potential threat to the security of the Republic or its people and supply intelligence regarding such a threat to NICOC.
The responsibility for the physical security of all NIA offices, NICOC, the Ministry for Intelligence Services and the Office of the Inspector-General for Intelligence is an equally important function.
Intelligence liaison and the sharing of intelligence with other states will be undertaken in accordance only with guidelines issued by the Minister of Defence, in consultation with the Department of Foreign Affairs, and in co-operation with NICOC.
The National Strategic Intelligence Act provides that, where the SANDF is deployed internally, the Intelligence Division may only gather domestic military intelligence in a covert manner with the authorisation of the Chairperson of NICOC acting with the concurrence of NICOC and Cabinet.
16 I want to take this opportunity to also address current relationship problems which exist between NICOC and SASS.
SASS as a member of NICOC has all the right and actually the duty to participate in PICOC.
In many ways NICOC is a living example of Government Inter-Departmental coordination and integration in that it brings together at least four different state departments.
NICOC was established on 1 January 1995 in accordance with the National Strategic Intelligence Act, 1994 (Act No.
In terms of the National Strategic Intelligence Act, NICOC has the following obligations and functions:
NICOC is supported by a staff component under the leadership of the Co-ordinator.