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Warrant Officer Nicol was the pilot of the RAF 86 Squadron Liberator aircraft which attacked the U-534, and was honoured with the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) for his actions.
It was organised at Brunswick Methodist Church in Newcastle, where Mr Nicol was a regular visitor.
Nicol revealed he is loving the opportunity and is keen for him and Guptill to continue to develop their partnership.
But Cosker was left stranded one short of his half-century when Nicol bowled Waters for 39 to finish with figures of four wickets for 53 runs.
Nicol, 60, maintained Steven bought the house for her and it was understood that she would pay the pounds 42,500 mortgage.
In 1948 Bill Nicol managed the JP Bowlin office in Dallas, Texas.
No hat, no cap - you can actually see her lovely hair," says Nicol, laughing.
Niraj Narayan Pandey, CID police inspector general, said Nicol was arrested from Darjeeling's Pool Bazar area on Sunday night.
Nicol, who is a tri-captain for the Panthers along with seniors Justin Kresco and Justin Hyland, does not attend Prouty.
Nicol, a nursery nurse, and Mark, a clerk of works, have been together ever since Nicol's mum Irene set them up on a blind-date back in 1994.
Ms Nicol was giving evidence at the trial of a forklift truck driver accused of killing the five women.
Nicol, 48, of Yardley, Birmingham, had previously admitted 12 offences of causing criminal damage to tracks in the West Midlands between June 2004 and November 2005.