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NICOLSNaval Intelligence Command On-Line System
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46 per share, the closing price per share as reported by NASDAQ on Wednesday was granted to Nicols and the option will vest on that day as to 25% of the shares subject thereto, with the remaining shares vesting ratably on a monthly basis over a 36 month period thereafter, subject to his continuous service till they would be fully vested and exercisable on 13 June 2016.
Further, Nicols was awarded 750,000 restricted stock that will vest as to 25% of the shares subject thereto on each anniversary of 13 June 2012 and his continuous service till the applicable fully vesting date on 13 June 2016, subject to accelerated vesting under Nicols' employment agreement as well.
The Reverend Andrew Dotchin, vicar of Whitton, Ipswich, said the murders of Miss Adams and Miss Nicols were the "only topic of conversation" in Ipswich.
I think there is a great deal of concern that a serial killer is at large," said the Rev Whitton, who knew Miss Nicols.
The Rev Whitton said he came into contact with Miss Nicols about two years ago.
She was stripped of her Miss Scotland title, but her marriage to Nicol lasted 25 years and they had three sons.
Nicol also performed as a hypnotist using stage name The Man and one woman described how he made volunteers strip off during a show 10 years ago.
In 1948 Bill Nicol managed the JP Bowlin office in Dallas, Texas.
Who we are: Nicol Scales & Measurement has proudly served Texas and the Southwest since 1931.