NICSINational Informatics Centre Services Incorporated (India)
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Under the contract, NICSI will purchase a DirecPC hub and an ISBN hub, with more than 1,000 VSATs.
Kamlakar Kaul, executive director of NICSI, said, "We are taking this solution as a low-cost, high-quality means to spread the use of Internet and intranets in India.
India has always been an important market for Hughes Network Systems, and I look forward to working with NICSI to meet the needs of this country's increasingly sophisticated institutions.
The NICSI service will use a Ku-band transponder on INSAT-2C to transmit to 1.
NICSI will use DirecPC to download Internet content at very high speeds, and to broadcast data video and audio content to multiple sites as well as transmit large files to distant locations at speeds up to 10 times faster than terrestrial modem links.