NICTDNorthern Indiana Commuter Transportation District
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When the court appointed a trustee to negotiate the future of the railroad, NICTD entered into arrangements to do what it had wanted to do ever since it was formed 13 years ago-purchase the South Shore.
Part of the deal was for Anacostia to keep the freight service and sell the track and right of way to NICTD for $22.
Money for the purchase is just part of what the NICTD hopes to get out of the UMTA.
The money problem, perhaps, is magnified by the unique circumstances under which the South Shore has operated since the NICTD came into being in 1977.
For almost a decade thereafter, NICTD lobbyists plodded the halls of the Statehouse looking for $1 million here and $1 million there.
But the NICTD, essentially, saved the railroad when it purchased 44 new cars to replace the 1926 models that were cold in winter, hot in summer, usually filthy and frequently late.
Since the NICTD was created, South Shore ridership, which had been declining for several years, grew from 1.