NICTSNational Information Communication Technology Strategy (Azerbaijan)
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NICTS will shortly be issuing a public consultation on the closure of up to eight courthouses.
The NICTS is an Agency of the Department of Justice (DOJ) responsible for the provision of administrative support for Northern Ireland's courts and the majority of tribunals.
Contract award: NICTS Provision of Court Transcription Services 2015.
Contract notice: NICTS Coroners Office Coroners Removals Contract 2015.
Contract award: NICTS Provision of Legal Advisors for Parole Commissioners NI.
Contract award: NICTS Coroners Removal Contract 2014.
The follow up report from CJINI also noted that the introduction of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Parole Commissioners and the NICTS would help clarify the boundaries of their respective roles following PCNI s transfer to the NICTS in May 2012.
David Ford continued: The transfer of the Parole Commissioners to the NICTS provides operational support and improved governance arrangements and these have been working well.
The Minister was responding to the publication of a Criminal Justice Inspection report into the recording of criminal court orders which found that significant improvements made by NICTS in its administrative arrangements has resulted in an accuracy level of 99.
The report highlights the investment made by the NICTS in reviewing its checking mechanisms and implementing improvements in these processes and systems.