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NICUNeonatal Intensive Care Unit
NICUNewborn Intensive Care Unit (various locations)
NICUNeuroscience Intensive Care Unit (healthcare)
NICUNeurointensive Care Unit (healthcare)
NICUNorth Island Credit Union (San Diego, CA)
NICUNeurotrauma Intensive Care Unit (healthcare)
NICUNepal International Consumers Union (Nepal)
NICUNetwork Interface Control Unit (Hekimian)
NICUNorth Island Financial Union (also seen as North Island Financial Credit Union; aka NIFCU; California)
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Over the long term, the psychological functioning of NICU parents is no different from that of control parents.
Al Yousuf explained: "So far, statistics available about the the insured population indicate that the total number of babies admitted to NICUs in Dubai in 2013 was 3.
In 1974, the NICU saw infants who weighed 3 to 4 pounds and were usually no younger than 32 or 33 weeks' gestation.
The authority will be responsible for staffing and running the unit and the foundation will fund the construction and provide the equipment for the extended unit of the NICU.
The average routine delivery costs Medicaid $2,500, according to state records; the average NICU stay costs $45,000.
They will be there for about one month and then move to another part of the NICU for the remainder of their stay.
It is only for the prayers and the concern of the nurses and doctors at NICU that my baby is well today.
The Once Upon a Time Library project is one year old and is currently greatly dependent on the donations of books and funds from NICU graduate families, NICU staff and a small number of community organizations.
The increase in referrals parallels recent hospital trends of deregionalizing NICU care from large urban NICUs to smaller community NICUs to improve timely access to health care for medically fragile infants.
The initial source case was an adult nurse educator who infected a novice NICU nurse, who consequently infected a premature baby.