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NIDNetwork Interface Device
NIDNo I Don't
NIDNamespace Identifier
NIDNational Intelligence Director
NIDNCVA (Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association) Internet Directory
NIDNew Iraqi Dinar
NIDNational Immunization Day (WHO)
NIDNote Id (Lotus Notes)
NIDNational Inventory of Dams
NIDNetwork Identification
NIDNo I Didn't
NIDNational Identity Card (various nations)
NIDNetwork Identifier
NIDNon Insulin Dependent
NIDNaval Intelligence Division
NIDNamibia Institute for Democracy (est. 1991)
NIDNeuronal Intestinal Dysplasia (condition)
NIDNode Identifier
NIDNational Intelligence Daily
NIDNational Institute of Design, India
NIDNew Interactive Display
NIDNational Intelligence Division (Stargate TV series)
NIDNetwork Intrusion Detector
NIDNever in Doubt
NIDNational Institute on Deafness
NIDNational Interest Determination
NIDNo It Didn't
NIDNormally and Independently Distributed (statistics)
NIDNot in Database
NIDNetwork Inward Dialing
NIDNormalized Information Distance
NIDNetwork Interface or Demarcation
NIDNaval Intelligence Database
NIDNational Infrastructure Database
NIDNaval Infantry Division
NIDNovel Integrated Desulphurization (air pollution control)
NIDNetwork Interface Division (Intel)
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If you are expecting to know about the impact of NID on India, it is not in the volume.
The BusinessWeek, USA has listed NID as one of the top 25 European & Asian programmes in the world.
The new iConverter NIDs have integrated SNMP management that can be accessed by Omnitron's NetOutlook([R]) network management software, or third-party SNMP management software.
Up to eight gigabit Ethernet LAN interfaces can be accommodated; the unit also supports a Gig-E WAN interface, enabling it to be connected to an unintelligent NID (optical bridge) on the side of the house using Gig-E copper wire.
As an intelligent optical demarcation device, Metrobility's E-Services NID is specifically designed to maintain the maximum isolation between the service provider and customer network.
Metrobility's E-Services NID is an intelligent optical demarcation device specifically designed to maintain the maximum isolation between the public and private network.
Offering the same flexibility and simplicity as its indoor counterpart, the Personal Branch Gateway (PBG(TM)), the weather-resistant RGN replaces the telephone NID, FTTH Internet modem and premise switch/router.
NID Housing Counseling Agency is a HUD-approved, Oakland-based network of local housing counseling offices in 27 cities in 17 states.
The R821 also provides the ability to test the copper line quality between the NID and the customer equipment to locate any link problems to the subscriber's network.
It replaces the telephone NID, an ADSL2+ Internet modem and premise switch/router, enabling rural telco providers to increase the downstream data rate on existing telephone lines to as much as 25 Mbps.
The products eliminate the need to enter terminals or NIDs when connecting subscribers, thus allowing carriers to add subscribers quickly when they sign up for new services.
Metrobility's E-Services NID enables service providers to utilize existing Ethernet switches and routers at the customer site to offer new, revenue-generating Metro Ethernet services without significant capital and operational expenditures.