NIDCNational Iranian Drilling Company
NIDCNepal Industrial Development Corporation
NIDCNational Investment and Development Corporation (Philippines)
NIDCNational Information Data Center (zip code information)
NIDCNorthwest Iowa Dialysis Center (Hospers, IA)
NIDCNASA (National Association of Students of Architecture) Information and Documentation Cell (India)
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Reza Kaitodi, DeputyManaging Directorof NIDC Mohammad said the company wants to play a larger role in world markets.
According to the agreement, the NIDC undertakes the training of the Iraqi Drilling Company's personnel in the fields of drilling operations and electronic as well as fluid mechanics engineering.
NIDC seeks to operate drilling projects based on engineering, procurement and drilling (EPD) scheme.
The NIDC said a gas leak at Well #24 caused an explosion May 29 that killed three workmen and injured 12 others.
However, NIDC was simply a credit institution and thus did not play the role of financial intermediation by also mobilizing deposits.
Heydar Bahmani said NIDC is in talks with Iraq National Oil Company for boosting bilateral cooperation and the two companies have signed an agreement in this regard.
Century has appointed the Citizen Investment Trust, Growmore Merchant Banker, NIDC Capital Markets, Nabil Capital and Civil Capital as sales and issue managers.
The contract to develop Phase 13 was signed with a consortium comprising Mapna, Sadra and Petro Pidar and Phase 14 with another consortium consisting of Industrial Development and Renovation Organisation (IDRO), NIDC and Iran Offshore Engineering Construction Co.
Deputy managing director of NIDC has said that Iranian expert team has successfully implemented 30 cementing operations during the drilling in Libya's Zelten oil fields.
The opening of the NIDC is a major milestone for the Indigenous community and the country as a whole.
He said that NIDC is expected to see the number of its onshore and offshore drilling rigs exceed 70 this calendar year to March 2016.
In March 1988 NIDC announced a big find as a well drilled near Assaluyeh, 70 km south-east of the Kangan-Nar gas fields, struck gas at a depth of 2,750 metres.