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The bone scans were scored for location and extent of FD lesions using a validated FD-scoring tool also developed by the NIDCR group--that captures the extreme variability of FD's mosaic nature by incorporating the extent of disease in each of 11 skeletal segments (J.
Preparation of this manuscript was supported by NIH NIDCR R01 DE014708-01A2
Previously, UCSF was awarded two consecutive seven-year NIDCR awards totaling more than $35 million, creating and expanding the UCSF Center to Address Disparities in Children s Oral Health (known as CAN DO).
Four calibrated examiners standardized to using the NIDCR criteria performed the visual/tactile oral examinations using #23 explorers, flat surface mirrors, external light sources and compressed air; no radiographs were employed (13).
This highly competitive grant underwent rigorous peer review by the NIH and NIDCR and recognizes the potential of Agenta's novel technology to provide improved healing and avoid serious complications following oral surgery.
2), (3) The NIDCR website has step-by-step instructions for standardized oral examination methods to aid practitioners.
The NIDCR would like to grow the organization significantly during the next 7 year phase of this initiative.
According to Basile, the roots of the network go back to 2005, when NIDCR funded three dental health care networks throughout the country - one on the west coast, one on the east coast and one that was scattered across many different states and regions.
This study was supported by NIDCR grants DE016750 and DE016752.
The NIDCR will provide supplements to grantee institutions to cover the training-related costs for oral health professionals or researchers per year, up to a total of $200,000 per year.
NIDCR has awarded the team a grant to test an intervention for couples with young children to address familial discord to try to improve physical and oral health.