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NIDRNational Institute of Dental Research (now NIDCR)
NIDRNational Institute for Dispute Resolution
NIDRNational Institute of Disaster Restoration
NIDRNetwork Information Discovery and Retrieval
NIDRNuclear Interactions and Dosimetry
NIDRNational Identity Recovery, LLC (fraud protection; Norcross, GA)
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All 22 isolates from NIDR cases belonged to 2 PFGE genotypes.
NIDR is dedicated to providing the most efficient, reliable, low cost and easy-to-use ID recovery service in the marketplace.
Details: Zaynab Falman, 248-641-4774; Nicollete Kaptur, 248-524-3448; fax, 248-524-9023; Steve Toth, 248-689-1687; NIDR, 202-667-9700; fax: 202-667-8629.
An NIDR dental epidemiologist, Philip Swango, agrees.
NIDR then helps victims easily restore their identity and lost finances with its Kaizen ID recovery kit.
Here's how the unified solution works: When individuals, businesses, and organizations discover their identity has been compromised, NIDR uses its proprietary "Kaizen" ID Recovery kit, which includes all identity recovery documents and steps to restore an individual's identity and finances.
Per cent per annum 1-month 3-month 12-month NIDR NIBOR NIDR NIBOR NIDR NIBOR July 2004 2.
The absence of case linkage between the two data sources prevents exact correlation between them; however, the number of domestic cases from the isolate collection is approximately 40% of the number of cases in NIDR for the same period.
NIDR offers technical assistance and coaching, educational programs, consulting, demonstration projects, evaluation, and publications.
For instance, 55 percent of kids aged 5 to 17 had decay-free permanent teeth, 5 percent more than reported in an unrelated NIDR survey conducted from 1986 to 1987.
The NIDR study says rats fed 12 to 17 "nutritious" snacks a day for 2-1/2 years showed extensive decay.
Ron Logan, CEO of NIDR, points to the partners' customizable technologies as a proven way to bring world-class ID theft protection to employees and customers: "Everybody, from the largest healthcare firm to the individual patient, is vulnerable to identity fraud.