NIDSECNursing Information and Data Set Evaluation Center (Washington, DC)
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The NIDSEC standards and scoring guidelines provide criteria to evaluate the database in the CIS.
NIDSEC established standards and a Likert-type scale for rating systems in each of four dimensions: nomenclature, clinical content, clinical data repository and general systems characteristics.
To obtain more information about NIDSEC standards and evaluation, go to www.
Ask the vendor whether their product is NIDSEC certified?
In addition to applying the NIDSEC guidelines, consider the following questions pertaining to clinical documentation.
NIDSEC evaluates the nomenclature an information system uses in this way:
According to NIDSEC, the data set should map an ANA-recognized nomenclature to an appropriate external nomenclature (for example, NANDA to SNOMED, NIC to CPT-4, etc.