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NIERNational Institute of Economic Research
NIERNational Institute of Environmental Research (South Korea)
NIERNon-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation
NIERNational Institute for Environmental Renewal
NIERNational Industrial Equipment Reserve
NIERNakamae International Economic Research
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The investment-to-GDP ratio will increase in 2014, and the NIER expects that it will then rise further and move above 20 per cent for a few years to build up stocks of real capital.
At the end of 2007 NIER expects the unemployment rate to be 5.
The NIER does not advise on whether the public sector commitment should be reduced and/or taxes raised--that is a political matter for the Riksdag and municipalities.
The NIER estimates that investment will be around 20 per cent of GDP in the long run.
All in all, the NIER estimates that household direct taxes will decrease by SEK 14.
The difference is due to the NIER expecting the Riksbank to revise down its forecasts for wage growth and inflation for the years after 2014.
AAI SMI) of Hunt Valley, Maryland, under contract to NIER through a $760,000 grant from the Coastal Ocean Program of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), designed, manufactured and installed the system.
Fiscal policy will have an expansionary effect in 2013, and the NIER expects it to be neutral next year.
24) The annual forecast evaluations by the Riksbank, the government and the NIER look at full-year forecasts for the current year and following year.
The proportion of people aged 55 and over who participate in the labour market has risen markedly over the past decade, and the NIER expects the participation rate in this age group to increase further.