NIFTINeuroimaging Informatics Technology Initiative (research and development)
NIFTINew Investigator Fellowship Training Initiative (American Physical Therapy Association)
NIFTINeighborhood Improvement Foundation of Toledo, Inc. (Toledo, OH)
NIFTINavy Infrared Thermal Imager (US Navy)
NIFTINetwork Interface File and Tracking Information
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Jamal Al Jasmi, General Manager of EIBFS, said: "The NIFTI Mena conference represents a unique platform for the Islamic finance and business sector in the UAE, the Gulf and the Mena region, bringing together a select group of finance experts and bankers to communicate and share ideas on ways to develop talent at all levels for the marketplace.
As a network of training institutions in Islamic Finance, NIFTI provides a conducive platform to discuss and collaborate on issues such as quality education as well as learning and development trends.
ATI's goal is to have the Laboratory become an integral part of the International Centre for Advanced Technologies (ICAT) which ATI and NIFTI are presently in the planning and implementation stages to develop in Zhelesnogorsk.
Discussions between MCC, the administration of Zhelesnogorsk, NIFTI and ATI are being conducted to define the exact boundaries of the real property within the "closed city.
In 1993, the NIFTI board adapted a program of full-scale conversion, from defense related to research intensive technologies and products, aimed to solve the problems of Siberian industries.