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NIHNational Institutes of Health (US)
NIHNews in Health (National Institutes of Health)
NIHNot Invented Here
NIHNeointimal Hyperplasia
NIHNational Institute of Hydrology (India)
NIHNatural Infant Hygiene
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Our data indicate that across the NIH, applications from any given institute generally have less favorable outcomes when reviewed in study sections in which they represent less than 5% of the total applications being reviewed.
Scientists at the NIH have discovered many things over the years, but evidently they haven't yet found a way to balance innovation and objectivity.
Physicians, scientists, and other specialists on the NIH payroll will still be permitted to treat patients for fees, teach bona fide university courses, write textbooks, and receive pavement for activities related to continuing medical education.
The NIH proposal, much weakened over earlier versions, is in our view a step forward but a long way from fixing the problem.
For MedlinePlus, NLM uses written guidelines to identify and select high-quality information produced by other NIH Institutes, government organizations, and nongovernmental health information providers.
President Bush upheld his promise: He has requested $27 billion for the NIH next year, a 32% increase over the NIH budget when he took office.
The NIH has engaged KPMG Consulting to continue with current work to develop and maintain the NIH data warehouse.
He found that Jensvold filed in a timely manner, that the experiences she is claiming are substantial, not trivial, and that the types of experiences she had at NIH are covered by the Title VII sex discrimination law.
5 million from the NIH to run clinical trials of amoxicillin, an antibiotic that Bluestone claimed was effective in treating children's ear infections.
The office's goal is to accelerate critical research efforts that address major, interdisciplinary NIH priorities by facilitating dialogue, decision-making and funding.
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) today announces the appointments to the NIH Council of Councils.