NIHBNational Indian Health Board
NIHBNon-Insured Health Benefits (Canada)
NIHBNorthern Illinois Home Builders
NIHBNational Institute of Home Builders
NIHBNorthern Ireland Horse Board (UK)
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The NIHB prior approval process required multiple requests for letters from the hospital specialists and social workers to explain the grave need for regular medical monitoring after organ transplantation.
Doig said CDA conducts a 'Days on the Hill' every spring and issues in regard to NIHB always make the agenda for talks with MPs, senators, government ministers and key advisors.
Before the economic turndown, the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch of Health Canada's 2007-08 annual report stated that NIHB funding was $910.
In mid-February, ACE launched an awareness campaign of the drug coverage offered by NIHB.
Health Canada, through the NIHB program, formerly paid most of the provincial health plan premiums for First Nation people.
NIHB data shows that NIHB is not the main supplier of OxyContin to First Nations clients in the Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN)," said Meerburg.
The range of health services available through the NIHB program has been steadily eroded over the past few years and that trend has to stop," said Grand Chief Randall Phillips.
The NIHB are health goods or services not covered by other federal, provincial, territorial or third-party health insurance plans, and include drugs, medical transportation, dental care, vision care, medical supplies and equipment, and crisis intervention mental health counselling.
The goal of NIHB has now been articulated as such: to monitor clients for unusually high prescription drug use and seek to identify "individuals of concern.
CDR Tracker focuses on the major public drug plans including all participating provincial drug plans, the Quebec drug plan, which does not participate in the CDR process, plus three major federal public drug plans (Non-Insured Health Benefits - NIHB, which serves the Canada's native population; Veterans' Affairs Canada - VAC, which serves veterans of foreign conflicts and peacekeeping; and the Department of National Defence - DND, which serves current members of the Canadian armed forces).
However, Enbrel, which Alecrefers to as a "miracel drug" that helped turn her life around is covered under NIHB.
NIHB pays for medical care given to status Indian clients if it isn't covered by other programs.