NIHCNorthern Ireland Hospice Care (UK)
NIHCNational Integrative Health Congress (Burke, VA)
NIHCNorthern Ireland Hamster Club (UK)
NIHCNorthwest Iowa Health Center (Sheldon, IA)
NIHCNottingham Ice Hockey Club (UK)
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Nordstrom, NIHC, and N2HC contended that NIHC and N2HC were not subject to Maryland tax because they had sufficient economic substance to differentiate themselves from the IHCs in prior Maryland cases in this area, such as SYL.
The comptroller claimed that NIHC and N2HC had no economic substance because the activities of the subsidiaries were the activities of the parent.
The court applied the economic substance test created in Talbots that required it to examine the economic substance of NIHC and N2HC as well as the legitimate business activities of NIHC, N2HC, and Nordstrom.
The Tax Court treated NIHC and N2HC as part of the parent, Nordstrom, which had nexus in Maryland.