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NIHLNoise-Induced Hearing Loss
NIHLNorthern Illinois Hockey League
NIHLNational Inline Hockey League (est. 1998; Ireland)
NIHLNorthern Illinois Horseshoe League
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That's because the Dragons' development side, which were started this season, play their final game of the NIHL North Two Laidler Conference campaign at home to Blackburn Hawks at the Deeside Ice Rink on Sunday (5.
Suffice to say the best way to treat NIHL is not to incur NIHL.
The report, which was compiled by Parker and published by the CJC today, sets out a matrix of fixed recoverable costs for various stages, pre and post-litigation, for routine fast-track NIHL claims.
Defenceman Jordan Stokes will remain on a two-way contract with the Blaze with his parent NIHL club to be announced in due course.
Despite being "hidden", NIHL is permanent, irreparable and irreversible and the WHO takes it very seriously, defining tinnitus as the third most serious non-deadly medical condition for humans.
For the last four seasons Stone, now aged 42, has played NIHL Division One hockey in Cardiff and now adds Division Two to his impressive CV.
NIHL is regarded as a physiologic disorder resulting from abnormal neural activity in the auditory pathways.
7-14) We presume that military musicians will be at risk for similar noise exposures as their civilian counterparts and may be more at risk for NIHL than other military occupations.
This study establishes that there exists a concrete direct link between NIHL and duration of exposure to noise above permissible levels.
Fully-qualified IIHF coaches train the juniors - in fact the same staff that coach the NIHL senior team Widnes Wild.
Someone with NIHL may not even be aware of the loss, but it can be detected with a hearing test.
1) In Malaysia, cases of NIHL investigated by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) had increased from 120 cases in 2007 to 427 cases in 2009.