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NIHRNational Institute for Health Research (UK)
NIHRNorwegian Institute of Human Rights
NIHRNorthern Ireland Hospital Radio (UK)
NIHRNorthern Illinois Hobby Retailers (Chicago, IL)
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The King wished NIHR president and board members success in fulfilling their duties and consolidating human rights in Bahrain.
At the same time, the NIHR intensifies efforts to implement the program, which will be of a great impact on bolstering and protecting human rights in Bahrain.
Martin Hunt, NIHR i4i Programme Director, said: "We believe that, with NIHR funding and the work Quanta is already doing in the dialysis space, SC+ has the potential to change the way dialysis patients are treated.
It reflects work done by the NIHR and the Ombudsman to promote human rights in the country is recognised by the EU and other UN apparatus,"oeIe said Dr Al Deerazi.
The NIHR i4i programme provides a route for researchers to develop innovative ideas into a reality that could have a significant impact on patients.
The study will use patient samples from the eight centres within the NIHR National School for Primary Research: Southampton, Oxford, Bristol, Birmingham, Nottingham, University College London, Manchester and Keele.
This NIHR award and their programme of transformational investment in research infrastructure help us to support a range of programmes through national biomedical research centres such as ours here at Moorfields and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology.
Dr Jonathan Sheffield, Chief Executive of the NIHR Clinical Research Network, sees the league table as an opportunity to celebrate achievement and stimulate the profile of research throughout the NHS:
The meeting was attended by NIHR Vice Chairperson Abdulla Al-Derazi, Head of the Complaints, Monitoring and Follow-up Committee Maria Khoury and Deputy Secretary-General Yasser Ghanem Shaheen.
Dr Al Deerazi said the inmates had been able to speak freely with the NIHR and had not faced any retribution for taking part.
The NIHR Pancreas BRU is the premier center in the UK for pancreatic translational research and one of the top three centers in Europe.
The NIHR works in partnership with many sectors including the public and service users, the NHS, public health, other Government funders, the academic and third sectors and industry.