NIHRCNorthern Ireland Human Rights Commission (UK)
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Women who want to get an abortion are, therefore, forced to travel to England, which NIHRC said amounted to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.
The Chief Commissioner is responsible to the Secretary of State for ensuring that the NIHRC s policies and actions are consistent with its statutory duties; and the NIHRC s affairs are conducted with probity.
June 2015: The NIHRC judicial review of the law on termination of pregnancy is heard by Mr Justice Mark Horner over three days at the High Court in Belfast.
He added: "It is disappointing that the NIHRC is not allowing the democratic process to run its course.
NIHRC said public hearings will take place across the country in the autumn.
We note the high level of co-operation NIHRC received from the sector and the positive comments about the commitment and dedication of carers who look after our older people.
In a do and don't section of the NIHRC guidance staff are told not to say "man-made" but "synthetic, artificial, manufactured" instead.
NIHRC chief Monica McWilliams has said eight of the 10 commissioners had supported the proposals passed to Government.
In its review of the Morgan case, NIHRC denounced all prison disciplinary procedures as "summary and prompt".