NIHSNational Institute of Health Sciences, Japan
NIHSNot Invented Here Syndrome
NIHSNorth Iredell High School (North Carolina)
NIHSNational Institute for Hometown Security (Somerset, KY)
NIHSNorthern Islands High School (Wotje Atoll)
NIHSNational Intercollegiate Horse Show
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A correlation between the highest S100B levels measured on the 3rd day and NIHS scores of the 1st and 10th days was found.
Neurological examinations on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th days of stroke onset were recorded by NIHSS (National Institute of Health Stroke Scale).
NIHS researcher Serge Rezzi further explained, "In the future, these tools will help us to better define the specific nutrient needs of people with different diets and lifestyles around the world, measure their biological response to nutrition, and meet the nutritional requirements of every patient or consumer.
It was while working at NIHS (during 1998), that I had the opportunity to undergo a training course for instructors in health information management at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia.
We conducted a workshop to develop a training curriculum for Medical Record Officers (MROs) at NIHS, under the guidance of Dr Sunil Senanayake, then Director, Health Information in the Ministry of Health.
When satisfied with our progress, WHO requested NIHS to conduct a six-week training course in MR HIM and ICD-10 for the regional trainees.
Yas, cinsiyet, inme ile ilgili bilgiler (gecirilmis inme oykusu, Trial of Org 10172 in Acute Stroke Treatment klasifikasyon sistemine (22) gore inme etyolojisi, radyolojik lokalizasyon), inmenin yol actigi norolojik defisitler ("The National Institute of Health Stroke Skala'si" kulanilarak belirlenen giris NIHSS skoru, giris Glasgow koma skoru), inme oncesi ve klinige giris modifiye Rankin Skalasi skorlari (mRS) hasta dosyalarina prospektif bir sekilde kaydedildi.
Inmenin yol actigi norolojik defisitler ile ilgili bulgular: Giris NIHSS skoru ve giris Glasgow koma skoru ortalama degerleri bakimindan her iki cins arasinda anlamli fark yoktu (p>0,05).
Hastalarda inmenin klinik, etyolojik ve radyolojik degerlendirmesi ile ilgili bulgularm cinsiyetler arasinda karsilastirilmasi Turn hastalar Kadm Parametreler (n=74) (n=38) Yas (yil) 73,6 [+ or -] 73,1 [+ or -] (Min-max) 10,8 11,9 (46-91) (46-91) Tekrarlayan inme 19(%25,6) 14(%36,8) Giris NIHSS skoru 15,0 [+ or -] 15,6+3,7 (min-max) 3,9 (1-22) (1-30 arasi) Giris.
Lisa Hiura, the daughter of Kazumi Hiura and William Burger, was on the speech and debate team, the archery team and NIHS Student Leadership.
We believe that the announcements of the past month - the large consulting contract, the NIHS ClassPharmer license and the release of the new ADMET Predictor 2.
Ron Creeley, vice president of marketing and sales for Simulations Plus, said: "We're very pleased and honored that the NIHS has selected ClassPharmer for its work in generating chemically relevant classification of compounds in its research.