NIIDNational Institute of Infectious Diseases (Ministry of Health and Welfare; Japan)
NIIDNational Institute for Intellectual Disability (Trinity College Dublin; Ireland)
NIIDNederlandse Industriële Inschakeling Defensieopdrachten (Dutch: Netherlands Defence Manufacturers Association)
NIIDNormally, Identically, and Independently Distributed
NIIDNational Information Infrastructure Development (various locations)
NIIDNeuronal Intranuclear Inclusion Disease (neurology)
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yatsushiroensis deposited at the NIID, Tokyo, we have not examined them yet.
Special thanks go to Dr Noburo Minakawa, particularly for making the arrangements for our visit to Nagasaki, and Dr Kyoko Sawabe for correspondence and invitation to visit and examine the mosquito collections at NIID, Tokyo.
Based on the confirmation of the possibility of using these inactivated HCV particles as a HCV vaccine, the company will continue to work with NIID for further research and development to optimize the HCV particles for a vaccine and establish a culture method appropriate for industrial production.
NIID developed a reverse transcription PCR to detect the Japanese strain of SFTSV, and PCR primers and reagents were distributed from NIID to 79 local public health laboratories by the end of March 2013 to establish countrywide diagnostic capacity.
Under NIID guidelines, researchers are required to file applications for research using human cell strains, which are then considered based on the institute's ethics regulations.
There are no NIID regulations preventing researchers from removing the strains.
In this study, we used this surveillance data reported from April 1999 to October 2004 (287 weeks), which were retrieved from the Infectious Agents Surveillance Report published by NIID.
NIID 04-27 belonged to genotype IV along with A88, 98901518, 98901530, NIID03-41 and West Pac74 .