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NIIPNet International Investment Position (national finance)
NIIPNavajo Indian Irrigation Project
NIIPNational Institute of Industrial Psychology
NIIPNorthwest Income Indicators Project (Washington State University)
NIIPNational Information Infrastructure Protection Act of 1996
NIIPNegative Inspiratory Intrathoracic Pressure
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Caption: The nose-mounted forward-facing N03601-1 is the main component of the N036 Byelka radar that Tikhomirov NIIP is developing for Russia's new Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA fighter.
20) It is important to note that the accumulated capital inflows do not completely represent the NIIP after 2002 because the investment holdings of individual countries do not necessarily yield the same return and also may be subject to changes in valuation.
While Martin adopted the NIIP model for his Australian institute, he developed his own battery of tests for educational--vocational purposes in preference to those tests being used in the English institute.
At the end of 2006, the NIIP of the United States was $2.
Soon, however, NIIP received the first of 2 crippling blows to hopes to immunize "every man, woman, and child.
The NIIP has nevertheless continued to fall relative to GDP.
NIIP measure up against this sustainability requirement?
tangible wealth net of the NIIP or NEW measures of the U.
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Following Chinas rejection of the A-50E, citing lack of a phased-array antenna, Beriev projected the A-100, with a Tikhomirov NIIP Institute radar.
current account, real exchange rate, and NIIP are likely to go from here.
Turkey's NIIP -- the gap between an economy's external financial assets and liabilities -- had been minus $393.