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NIIPNet International Investment Position (national finance)
NIIPNavajo Indian Irrigation Project
NIIPNational Institute of Industrial Psychology
NIIPNorthwest Income Indicators Project (Washington State University)
NIIPNational Information Infrastructure Protection Act of 1996
NIIPNegative Inspiratory Intrathoracic Pressure
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A number of changes are planned for the Indian Air Force (IAF) version, including the addition of the Tikhomirov NIIP N079 radar, in place of the N036 Byelka radar on the RuAF T-50S, and export versions of countermeasures and weapon management systems, for example.
20) It is important to note that the accumulated capital inflows do not completely represent the NIIP after 2002 because the investment holdings of individual countries do not necessarily yield the same return and also may be subject to changes in valuation.
However, the cumulative discrepancy cannot explain the change in the value of the NIIP in particular from 2007-2008 when the negative value increases from -49bn [euro] to -151bn [euro] a change of over 100bn [euro].
While Martin adopted the NIIP model for his Australian institute, he developed his own battery of tests for educational--vocational purposes in preference to those tests being used in the English institute.
At the end of 2006, the NIIP of the United States was $2.
The NIIP was set up as a 'not for profit' organization in 1921 by Charles Myers, probably the most significant figure in British psychology in the early part of the 20th century (Bartlett, 1965; Bunn, 2001b; Lovie, 2001), and Henry Welch, a prominent industrialist.
NIIP was responsible for relations with state and local health departments (including administration of the grant program for state operations, technical advice to the procurement staff for vaccine, and warehousing and distribution of the vaccine to state health departments) and established a proactive system of surveillance for possible adverse effects of the influenza vaccines, the NIIP Surveillance Assessment Center (NIIP-SAC).
4%, then the NIIP would eventually reach 128% of GDP, a level that has virtually never been seen before for any developed country.
The most recent Su-27SKM version received the new RLPK-27VEPI radar-control system for the retained NIIP N001 Mech radar and the improved OEPS-27MK optronic system, based on the previous OEPS-27 but with ground-target-distance-measurement and target-illumination capabilities.
For example, in 2003 the financial account showed a $546 billion surplus, but the NIIP declined only $198 billion.