NIIPANative Indian/Inuit Photographers' Association (Ontario, Canada)
NIIPANational Information Infrastructure Protection Act of 1996
NIIPANational Information Infrastructure Protection Agenda (Malaysia)
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Subsection 1030(a) of the NIIPA contains seven major subsections, each aimed at specific acts of computer-related crime: It makes it a crime to access computer files without authorization or in excess of authorization,(43) and subsequently to transmit classified government information.
scope of NIIPA crimes and the severity of penalties under the statute.
For more information contact Monique or Steve at NIIPA at (905) 529-7477, or fax them at (905) 529-0887.
for violators of NIIPA and to submit a brief report to Congress by May
The House and the Senate have each sponsored a bill proposing to amend the NIIPA in such a way as to protect school computers and websites.
Subsection 1030(d) of the NIIPA expressly grants investigatory authority to the United States Secret Service over certain types of crimes under the act, in addition to any other agency having such authority.
The NIIPA differentiates between conduct that involves improper access and conduct in which the defendant uses access for pernicious purposes.