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NIIRNational Institute of Industrial Research (India)
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Melissen, Jan: Summit Diplomacy Coming of Age, NIIR Clingendael, The Hague, 2003.
NIIR FSUE is the leading system-level research institute of the Ministry for Telecommunications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.
RTComm is becoming one of the leading providers of satellite communications within Russia, and NIIR is a prominent design house with high technical expertise.
The MiG-35 (formerly known as the MiG-28M2) is being aimed at the Indian MMRCA programme and will feature a Phazotron NIIR Zhuk-AE active electronically scanned array radar and an air-to-ground electro-optical suite.
Originally developed by NIIR Moscow (Scientific Research Institute for Radio Engineering, Moscow)--now part of the Phazotron-NIIR Scientific & Production Company--the Zhuk family of multi-purpose radars have air-to-ground modes that include real beam ground mapping, DBS and synthetic-aperture.